Why is this Hari Raya unique for me?

1. This is the first time I spent my Eid holidays away from my family. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as depressing as I initially imagined. It is a nice feeling celebrating Eid with lots of friends around and lots of of open houses. Which translates into lots of food. I wonder how Dr Sheikh Muszaphar celebrates it at ISS. Must be dull only having Whitson, Malenchenko and those Russian cosmonauts around. But then, great achievements require great sacrifices right?

2. My food consumption is literally more than what my stomach could handle this past few days. Name any kind of food they serve on the table during open houses and chances are I’ve tasted it. Nasi tomato, nasi minyak, nasi beriyani, rojak, sambal ayam, rendang, sate, lamb steak, ayam panggang, nasi himpit, soto, murtabak lapis, spaghetti, kuih raya, kek, aiskrim, coklat, the list goes on. My housemates would give that horror look everytime I go for my third round, probably wondering how on earth I could cram all those food in my seemingly small tummy. Perut lembu ke hapa mamat nih? Haha..I owe this, thankfully to my body’s high metabolism rate. Thus far, I have never gone beyond 60kg no matter how much I eat, so in one way, I feel blessed. My salute goes to bebudak GAYS & Co. who did their open house last Sunday. Their cooking skills are so damn impressive. Aku tabik respek ok! (Note: They are strictly straight guys. Why they chose that name to represent themselves still escapes me).

3. I finally got to officially meet with my junior, Amirul Hafidz, a guy whom I wouldn’t have known had it not be for blogging. I was delighted, except for the fact that he makes me feel so damn old. 10 years my junior man! It’s been a very long time since I last set foot on my alma mater’s soil. Kinda like Jejak Kasih I guess, long-lost brothers we never knew we had. And he got me into knowing about another guy who is also my junior, who is also a respected president for one of the students organization here. Cayalah u guys.


Procrastinating is rarely helpful, especially for someone who’s unfinished workload exceeds his available time. Yet that is what I’m doing now. <Sigh>